The bio-politics of population control and sex-selective abortion in China and India

Lisa Eklund & Navtej Purewal | Feminism & Psychology

Asia and the Pacific
sex-selective abortion
sex selection
female feticide
female infanticide


This article addresses how policies to prevent parents from deselecting daughters are situated within the bio-politics of population control. The outcomes of these policies reflect the government's inadequacy in addressing the social dynamics surrounding abortion decision-making. The article uses secondary sources and census data to analyze how both China and India have devised policies to reduce sex ratio imbalance. The analysis finds that the criminalization of sex selection has not been successful in China and India.

External Authors

Lisa Eklund & Navtej Purewal
This article has presented the dangerous scenario that criminalization has posed in the cases of India and China where the governments have approached SSA [sex-selective abortion] without addressing the social backdrop in which women require support.




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