UN Women Discuss European Countries Setting the Example for Addressing Femicide 2023


In 2021, 81,000 women and girls were victims of femicide globally. Intimate partners and family members are common perpetrators of femicide. UN Women aims to prevent femicide through interventions as timely and effectively as they can. Legal institutions such as the police and social justice system need to adopt better prevention and research involving femicide. UN women started the trend of starting femicide watches, and Georgia has been successful in this regard in 2016. This article argues that accurate data on femicide can lead to more combative strategies against femicide. Georgia has improved their legislation and methodology for combating femicide. 

Organizations such as FemPlatz and the Women's Research Center for Education and Communication from Serbia, started improving their research on femicide. They analyzed court decisions involving femicide, murderer profiles, victim profiles, prior incident reports, and more. They wanted to search for patterns in order to improve they policies. 

Governments in many countries have agreed to focus on their efforts to combat femicide in their regions. Many have been monitoring femicide rates and analyzing cases. 

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