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More Attention Needs to be Drawn to Femicide in Zimbabwe



Understanding and Addressing Femicide In Peacetime Zimbabwe, by Kudakwashe Chirambwi, is an article discussing the issue of Femicide in Zimbabwe. Chirambwi argues that the instances leading up to the killings of women need looked at closer. Policy makers need to pay more attention this aspect of violence against women. Scholars need to look at religion in Zimbabwe and how negative gender stereotypes are engrained into society. The country needs to combat men abusing their power and becoming violent against women. There is a trend of males being too aggressive towards women. In Zimbabwe there have been cases where women 'defied the patriarchal order' according to men and they end up killed for their defiance. These ideas are prominent in Zimbabwe's society and are extremely harmful to women's health and safety. 

The author, Kudakwashe Chirambwi, researches conflict, intersectionality, networking, violence, security and development. He has his PhD in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford. 

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