Femicide in Portugal during the COVID-19 pandemic

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This research article published by the Observatory of Murdered Women summarizes the data collected on murdered women, including both Femicide and attempted Femicide in Portugal in 2020.  The study gathered information from press coverage in Portuguese newspapers, looking for cases of murdered women, cases where murder was attempted, and even death threats. After collecting media coverage, the report highlights the number of Femicides and attempted per month and provides monthly Femicide data from previous years as a comparison.

External Authors

Maria José Magalhães; Sónia Soares; Elsa Branco; Cátia Pontedeira; Camila Iglesias & Carolina Magalhães Dias
The fear experienced by many women during the period of mandatory lockdown may have caused some of them to adopt a more complacent attitude towards the abuser’s
demands while being forced to stay at home.




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