Impact of COVID-19 on violence against women



This article highlights key factors that put women and young girls at risk of being victims of Femicide and other forms of violence against women. The author provides illustrative examples of how these risk factors can increase the probability of violence in daily life, as well as the ways in which the pandemic has exacerbated these risks. Furthermore, the UN Trust Fund to End violence against Women (UNTF EVAW), surveyed its grantees to assess the impact that the pandemic and associated lockdowns have had on women. This article also summarizes the results of this survey, highlighting what respondents thought about the level of violence women experience, and resources that victims can utilize. 

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"Women have to stay at home with their violent perpetrators and violence happens"

Key Factors Exacerbating Violence Include:

  • Food shortages within lockdowns
  • unemployment
  • economic insecurity
  • school and public transport closures
  • large migration flows.




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