Femicide and the feminist perspective

North America
intimate partner violence
gender based violence


The gender disparity in intimate killings underscores the need for close attention to the phenomenon of intimate partner–perpetrated femicides and theories useful in understanding this pervasive and enduring problem. The most overarching paradigm used is that of the feminist perspective. The purpose of this article is to review the tenets of feminist theory as the most viable and efficacious framework for understanding and explaining intimate partner–perpetrated femicide, to highlight empirical evidence supporting the strength and value of this perspective, to address the contentions of those in opposition to this perspective, and to provide research and policy implications targeted at greater understanding, and, ultimately, lower rates of femicide.

External Authors

Rae Taylor
Jana Jasinski
According to the most recent Bureau of Justice Statistics figures,
about one third of women killed are murdered by an intimate partner (IP), compared with about 3% of men who are murdered by an intimate (Fox & Zawitz, 2007).




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