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Masculinities and femicide

North America


In this article, Dr. James Messerschmidt, a Professor of Sociology at the University of Southern Maine, explores the relationship between masculinities and femicide. Messerschmidt analyzes how feminist theorizing corresponds with various masculinities, including dominant, dominating, positive, and hegemonic masculinity, and how masculinities may be used to understand intimate partner femicide and "honor" femicides. This insightful piece is one of the first to analyze the correlation between masculinities and femicide. This article is only accessible with journal subscription.

External Authors

James W. Messerschmidt

Hegemonic Masculinities

"Those masculinities constructed locally, regionally, and globally that legitimate an unequal relationship between men and women, masculinity and femininity, and among masculinities, and that hegemonic masculinities must be culturally ascendant to provide a rationale for social action through consent and compliance" (Messerschmidt, 2017, p.74).

Dominant Masculinities

"[Those masculinities that] are not always associated with and linked to gender hegemony, but refer to (locally, regionally, and globally) the most celebrated, common, or current form of masculinity in a particular social setting" (Messerschmidt, 2017, p.74).

Dominating Masculinities

"Those masculinities (locally, regionally, and globally) that also do not necessarily legitimate unequal relationships between men and women, masculinities and femininities, but rather involve commanding and controlling particular interactions, exercising power and control over people and events: 'calling the shots' and 'running the show'" (Messerschmidt, 2017, p. 74-75).

Positive Masculinities

"Those masculinities (locally, regionally, and globally) that contribute to legitimating egalitarian relations between men and women, masculinity and femininity, and among masculinities" (Messerschmidt, 2017, p. 75).




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