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Strategies to advance global struggle against femicide | Diana Russell at U.N. Symposium on Femicide 2012



Dr. Russell's article, "Best Strategies to Advance the Global Struggle Against Femicide," is a considerably revised and much lengthier version of her concluding speech at the U.N. Symposium on Femicide in Vienna, Austria, in November 2012. After describing her efforts to disseminate the term femicide in the U.S. from 1976 onwards, Dr. Russell revisits the controversial issue re: her and others' definitions of femicide. She also includes the U.N. Report about the speakers' contributions at the Symposium and the revised version of the "Vienna Declaration" to be presented to the General Assembly of the U.N. in the future.  Finally, Dr. Russell recommends several strategies to accelerate the struggle against femicide.

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Diana Russell
"All women are at risk of femicide." Jacqueline Campbell, Ph.D.

From the Introduction

"I was invited by the organizers of the United Nations Symposium on Femicide in Vienna, Austria, to conclude this one-day international policy-oriented meeting by proposing what I believed to be the best strategies to advance the global struggle against femicide.  I was also asked to describe the major challenges that I had personally encountered in my efforts to raise public awareness about femicides after I had introduced this term at the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women in 1976 -- nearly four decades ago (Russell and Van de Ven, 1976). Because we speakers had to confine ourselves to about ten minutes for our presentations, I relish this opportunity to be able to provide some highlights of other speakers' contributions, as well as the vital document titled "The Vienna Declaration" that had to be finalized by the conclusion of the Symposium.  I also decided to revisit what has become the controversial issue of the definitions of femicide, femicidio, feminicide and feminicidio. ..."




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